Artist statement

My works are investigations of the human-machine interface. A special focus is put on everyday technologies with which we are constantly confronted and that shape our human existence, our preferences and our behavioural patterns. Examples are the opening of the boot at the push of a button, the automatic room scenting system or the robotic lawnmower. All of these examples are automata – machines or computers – that carry out certain activities for humans with the help of programming. Technology can thus be understood as the effort to save humans effort.

The installations, robots and apparatuses that I design and construct myself are positioned just beyond the borders of the functional and rational logic of technology. For example, Newton’s Buddha, a perpetual motion machine kept in swing by a beckoning cat, Uruca Caliandrum, a robotic hairbrush crawling to the sunrise, Düsen nach Jägerart, a possessed executive chair that rotates around itself, Definitions of the Undefined, an encyclopaedia in which definitions of UFOs have been compiled from various encyclopaedias around the world, or Kruzifix, du weißt schon…, a crucified robot designed to show correlations between theology and technology or convert artificially intelligent robots to Christianity.

My artistic practice focuses on finding poetic perspectives onto the carrot hanging in front of our noses in the form of technology. It is usually made attractive through the promise of saving effort and time, exemption from necessity, innovation or just an UltraHD resolution.
In my sculptures, objects and installations, the functional and rational logic of technology is counteracted with humour and wit. For me, a form of resistance against the functionalism of the Lebenswelt (life-world) in the “practical” sense. Seen in this light, my works are poetic attempts beyond meaningful logic, efforts to liquidate factual reality in the idling of its remote-controlled automatism. This is done in the hope that the works will pose questions against the domination of purpose or, more precisely, subordination to utility, because unquestioned the useless is peeved.